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Hardware Keyloggers Explained

Keylogger software has vastly become popular for millions of people worldwide and it isn’t just businesses and corporations who use this. While Keyloggers can be mostly installed via malware, it can be also installed in hardware form as a USB device. These devices are pretty sneaky as they connect into the computer and unless you specifically go in search for these, they are hard to detect. Computers run as they should so that the user remains unaware of the added malware. Even basic security checks can come back normal as it is almost undetectable.

How Can You Spot Keylogger Software?

If you are worried about computer monitoring software, there are ways to detect it. Now, be warned, running a security scan to check for malware may not yield any results; you also have to make a manual check of the computer. If the malware has been installed via a USB device you should be able to spot it easily. Take a close look at the back of your computer wherever your USB ports are located. If there are any suspicious USB devices there plugged in and you aren’t aware of what their purpose serves, disconnect them. Also, desktop computers have their keyboard connecting via cable to the monitor and tower, look for a USB adapter here.

Sneaky Devices

Keylogger hardware is probably the easier of the malware solutions to detect as it’s basically connected to your computer somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you know everything there is to know about computers or very little, you can easily detect it. If you complete a basic check of the hardware of the computer, any unwanted eyes (such as Keylogger USB devices) can be picked up quickly. Also, if you wanted to use this to spy on your partner or even to make sure the children aren’t looking at things they shouldn’t online, it’s quite easy to use.

How Much Information Has Been Stolen?

Keylogger hardwareYou cannot know for one hundred percent certainty what information has been compromised and that can be quite concerning. It may be you caught the Keylogger software before the spy saw anything of great importance and while you hope this threat has been detected early enough, you cannot be sure. It’s necessary to remove the USB device and make calls to banks and credit card companies and inform them you’re computer has been hacked. These businesses will ensure changes are made so no-one can charge anything to these accounts and that no one can view any more information. Also, contact authorities as this is a serious breach of security. It’s the safest way to proceed.continue reading from http://www.zdnet.com/article/a-10-usb-charger-with-built-in-wireless-keylogger-is-a-security-nightmare/

Keyloggers Is a Dangerous Tool

Keyloggers software has been around for a considerable period of time and yet it’s still difficult to detect than ever before unless you are specifically looking for it. For most, they use this to spy on their partners or to ensure employees are working hard but there are also people who will use this to steal information. In a way, Keyloggers software is dangerous as if in the wrong hands, it can do some serious damage. However, in business it has become a greatly sought after tool. Computer monitoring software is available in many forms and it has proven effective.